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  4. Clinical and mutational spectrum of Colombian patients with Pelizaeus Merzbacher Disease

PDF | El objetivo de este trabajo es conocer la repercusión que tiene en el habla la Atrofia Olivo-Ponto-Cerebral (AOPC). La medida de la inteligibilidad del. Antecedentes: Se desarrolló un estudio comparativo de modalidades de tratamiento para mejorar la articulación en un niño de 13 años con disartria espástica. de 13 an˜os con disartria espástica severa asociada a parálisis cerebral espástica que examinen los tratamientos en nin˜os con disartria leve y/o moderada.

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Disartria Espastica Pdf

y, dentro de ésta, entre apraxia del habla y disartria espástica basado en parámetros disartria espástica y 15 sin patología) realizaron tres tareas: repetir la. AFASIA, APRAXIA, ALEXIA, AGRAFIA, DISARTRIA Sergio Calleja .. DE LA PRIMERA MOTONEURONA• Disartria espástica: – Por ictus, TCE. Este diagnóstico se diferencia de los otros tipos en que, por ejemplo, aunque en la disartria espástica y en la disartria atáxica hay también.

Log out of ReadCube. Abstract SUMMARY The performance of two children with traumatic spastic dysarthria, aged 10 and 14 years, on maximum performance tasks was compared with that of two closely matched children with perinatal spastic dysarthria, and reference groups of five children with perinatal spastic dysarthria and five control children with normal speech. Results showed that performance of the perinatal spastic children on all three tasks was poorer than that of their peers with normal speech. In contrast, the traumatic spastic children performed within the normal limits on maximum sound prolongation and fundamental frequency range, but their maximum repetition rate was extremely slow. The overall low performance of the perinatal spastic children could be the result of inadequate motor development in addition to the neurological impairment. The traumatic spastic children—with a normal developmental history—compensated for their impairment by slowing down their speech rate. Therapeutic implications are suggested. Se sugieren implicaciones terapeuticas.

Clinically, it presents with developmental delay, nystagmus and, spasticity, supported by neuroimaging in which the defect of myelination is evident. We present a series of seven Colombian patients diagnosed with this leucodystrophy, describing their genotypic and phenotypic characteristics and heterogeneity. Clinical Findings: All patients included were male, 6 months to 16 years of age. Mean age at onset of symptoms was 8 months. Mean age at diagnosis was 5 years 5 months, being classic PMD most frequently diagnosed, as compared to the connatal phenotype.

rehabilitacion logopedica disartria pdf

Only three patients were able to achieve gait, though altered. All cases had abnormalities in neuroimages. Molecular Analysis and Results: Molecular studies were used in the majority of the cases to confirm the diagnosis For two cases molecular confirmation was not considered necessary given their affected male brothers had already been tested.

PLP1 gene dosage alterations duplications were found in Its genetic etiology affects the expression of the Proteolipidic Protein type 1 3 , 4 , varying from hemizygous mutations to gene dosage alterations of the PLP1 Xq Given the location of the causal gene, PMD is inherited in a X-linked recessive manner3. Kannan CR. Plenum Medica Liddle G.


Enfermedades de la corteza suprarrenal. Tratado de Medicina Interna. Interamericana Oelkers W. Adrenal insufficiency. N Engl J Med ; Burke C. Enfermedades corticosuprarrenales. Oxford: Ed. Folium, ; 2: En: Farreras R.

tipos de disartria pdf

Medicina Interna. Masa suprarrenal e insuficiencia suprarrenal.

An Med Interna Madrid ; 3 2 : Tuberculous Addison's disease. Utility of CT in diagnosis and follow-up. Eur J Radiol ; Clinical clues to the cause of Addison's disease. Am J Med ; Aron DC. Endocrine complications of the adquired inmunodeficiency syndrom.

Clinical and mutational spectrum of Colombian patients with Pelizaeus Merzbacher Disease

Arch Intern Med ; Recents advances in diagnosis and therapy of Addison's disease. Advances in Thomas Addison's Diseases. London: Journal of Endocrinolgy. Primary adrenal insufficiency in patient with the adquired inmunodeficiency syndrome: a report of five cases. J Clin Endocrinol Metab ; Federmann D. IV Suprarrenales. En: Rubinstein y Federmann. Scientific American. Serden Wurm DJ.

Metastases to the adrenal glands and the development of Addison's Disease. Cancer ; 54; Tucker WS Jr. Reversible adrenal insufficiency induced by Ketoconazole.

JAMA ; Clin Endocrinol ; Clinical guidelines for stroke management Melbourne: National Stroke Foundation, 78— Morphological findings in dynamic swallowing studies of symptomatic patients. Eur Radiol ;— Early assessments of dysphagia and aspiration risk in acute stroke patients. Stroke J Cereb Circ ;—7. Videofluoroscopic studies of swallowing dysfunction and the relative risk of pneumonia.

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A method to objectively assess swallow function in adults with suspected aspiration. Gastroenterology ;— Dysphagia in patients with nasopharyngeal cancer after radiation therapy: a videofluoroscopic swallowing study. Dysphagia ;— Abnormal esophageal pressures in reflux esophagitis: cause or effect? Am J Gastroenterol ;—6. Spechler SJ. AGA technical review on treatment of patients with dysphagia caused by benign disorders of the distal esophagus.

Ott DJ. Radiographic techniques and efficacy in evaluating esophageal dysphagia. Liquid barium is not representative of infant formula: characterisation of rheological and material properties. Gisel E. Interventions and outcomes for children with dysphagia.

Dev Disabil Res Rev ;— Tolerance of early diet textures as indicators of recovery from dysphagia after stroke. Effect of citric acid and citric acid-sucrose mixtures on swallowing in neurogenic oropharyngeal dysphagia.

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J Stroke Cerebrovasc Dis ;— Gervais M, Dorion D. Quality of life following surgical treatment of oculopharyngeal syndrome.

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