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Super Minds 1. Student's Book. Workbook. Teacher's Book. Super Grammar 1. Cambridge University Press - An exciting, seven-level course that. Teacher's Edition. Click on the links below to download samples from the Teacher's Edition. Teacher's Book. Starter Level. View. Teacher's Book. Level 1. View. Super Minds 1 Teacher s Book - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Super Minds 1 Teacher s Book.

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Super Minds Level 1 Teachers Book

Super Minds 1 Teacher s Resource Book - Cambridge - Download as PDF File . pdf) or read online. Libro del profesor con muchos recursos para profesores de. Super Minds 1 Teacher's Resource Book pdf online download gia sach giao trinh . Super Minds Level 5 Presentation Plus DVD-ROM Level 5, Teacher Books. Super Minds 3 Teacher's Resource Book pdf online download gia sach giao trinh Super Minds 3 Student's Book gia re chi 50% gia thi truong.

Status Temporarily out of stock. Despatched within 4 working days. Published Written by a highly respected author team, Super Minds has been carefully crafted to help your students achieve their full potential. Whilst exploring social values, the course methodically enhances your students' thinking skills, sharpening their memory and improving their concentration. Engaging characters accompany learners on their journey, each with special, super powers. As the students grow, so do the characters, and new faces are introduced every two levels. Highly flexible, Super Minds can be adapted to meet available classroom time and your teaching needs: the Student's Book features both core and extra content, plus an accompanying range of practice activities in the Workbook, and the Classware and Interactive DVD-ROM includes all the material you need to engage your students. This intensive course covers the YLE exams, going slightly above Flyers in level 6. There are currently no reviews for this title. Please log in to add a review.

Students listen and follow the chant able to identify and name toys. Your students will be able to join in with a chant.

Super Minds Level 1 Teacher's Book : Melanie Williams :

Warm-up Aim: to review colours Tell students to point to different-coloured objects in the room. Say, e. Find something blue. Repeat for the other known colours.

Go around the room pointing to or touching objects and asking What colour is it? Do this three or four times. Do the chant as a class and then in groups. Make ten groups.

Super Minds Level 4 Teacher's Book

Say the word, e. Students write the number in their notebooks. Students compare answers in pairs before you elicit the words from the class. CD1 Track 28 Thunder: Wow! Look at the go-kart! Misty: Cool!

Super Minds

Whisper: OK. Now say the words. Play the recording again. Students repeat the words. Students practise pointing and naming in pairs. Can you see them in your classroom? My book is a 1 2 rectangle. The tangram is an old Chinese toy. Look at the tangram. What shapes can you see? I can see a square. Look at the tangrams. What shapes are missing? The blue triangle is missing.

Write the words under the shapes. CD1 44 Think! SB p30 Look at the tangrams.

Key: the blue parallelogram; the green square and the yellow triangle; the blue and the green triangles 1 CD1 45 WB p30 Listen and number. Aim: to enable students to make use of their world knowledge CD1 Track 45 Write number 1 in the square.

Write number 2 in the circle. Write number 3 in the parallelogram. Write number 4 in the rectangle.

Super Minds Level 1 Teacher's Book

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