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Download GIAO TRINH AUTOCAD, free GIAO TRINH AUTOCAD download helps you to store and share. 2. Lnh phc hi i tng b xo Oops 3. Lnh hu b lnh va thc hin Undo (U) 4. Lnh phc hi i tng va Undo l Redo GIAO TRNH AUTO CAD _ bien soan: PHAM GIA HAU. Giao trinh AutoCad - pdf AutoCad l phn mm dng to cc bn v k thut trong ngnh c kh, kin trc, xy dng. CÁC LỆNH CƠ BẢN TRONG AUTOCAD

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Giao Trinh Autocad 2007.pdf

giao trinh autocad pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Sat Mar 2, am. Looking for giao trinh autocad pdf. Will be grateful for any help! Top. 1. TRÖÔØNG CAO ÑAÚNG KT-CN TP. HCM_ KHOA CÔ KHÍ – XAÂY DÖÏNG GIAÙO TRÌNH AUTO CAD _ bieân soaïn: PHAÏM GIA HAÄU - 1 - GIAÙO. [FULL] Giao Trinh Autocad Mien Phi mechanical behavior of materials thomas h courtney Xilisoft Video Editor rar.

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Ngc chiu kim ng h. Specify included angle Nhp s o gc tm Cung trn c v theo: Chiu kim ng h: Specify length of chord: Nhp chiu di dy cung Cung trn c v theo chiu: Nhp bn knh.

Nhp s o gc tm Cung trn c v theo: Dng mouse chn hng tip tuyn ti im u. X l cc thng bo o Specify start point: Nhp ta im k tip. Nhp gi tr na cui dy Width nh dy on sp v, tng t Halfwidth Length V tip mt on c phng, chiu nh on va v trc. Nu on trc l cung trn, th n s tip xc vi cung trn ny.

Chn mt hnh thc v cung trn ph hp vi ngha cc la chn nh sau: Specify included angle: Nhp im cui, tm hoc bn knh Center: Nhp im cui, gc hoc chiu di dy cung Radius: Xc nh bn knh cong ca cung, nhp R s xut hin thng bo Specify radius of arc: Nhp gi tr bn knh Specify endpoint of arc or [Angle]: Nhp im cui hoc gc Second pt: Khi nhp S, s c thng bo: Specify second point on arc: Nhp im th hai Specify end point of arc: Nhp im cui Line: Nhp s cnh ca a gic o Specify center of polygon or [Edge]: Nhp C o Specify radius of circle: Nhp bn knh ng trn ni tip hoc ta im gia ca 1 cnh Nhp I o Specify radius of circle: Nhp bn knh ng trn ngoi tip.

Nhp ta mt cnh ca a gic Bc 1: Nhp E o Specify first endpoint of edge: Chn hoc nhp ta im u ca mt cnh. Chn hoc nhp ta im cui ca cnh ny.


C th di cc i tng n mt v tr chnh xc bng lnh Move. X l cc thng bo o Select Objects: Chn i tng cn di chuyn. Lnh Copy dng sao chp cc i tng c chn v t bn sao ca chng ti nhng v tr xc nh. X l cc thng bo o Select objects: Chn i tng mun sao chp o Specify base point or displacement, or [Multiple]: Lnh TRIM dng xn phn i tng gii hn bi hai im giao vi i tng khc hoc on cui ca i tng k t im giao.

Gm cc bc: Chn i tng c phn mun xa v chn cc i tng giao vi n. Chn cc phn i tng mun xa. Phn s b ct Ngoi l: Gm cc bc sau: Nhp E Chn i tng cn xn mt phn.

Chn im cui xc nh v tr kt thc xn. Ngoi l: C th tch mt i tng thnh 2 i tng. Chn i tng cn tch Bc 3: X l cc thng bo o Specify second break point or [First point]: Nhp F o Specify first break point: Chn v tr tch i tng o Specify second break point: Chn i tng l ng bin hnh 1. Chn i tng cn ko di hnh 2, hnh 3, hnh 4.

Giao trinh autocad 2007

Lnh Scale dng tng, gim kch thc i tng theo mt t l nht nh. Chn cc i tng cn thay i kch thc theo t l. C th xc nh t l theo chiu di bng la chn Reference.

Nhp vo chiu di ban u, c th chn im xc nh chiu di ny Lnh Lengthen dng thay i chiu di on thng hoc cung trn. Lnh c mt s la chn nh sau: Khi chn DE, s c thng bo ph. Thay i tng chiu di hoc gc m cung theo gi tr mi a vo.

Chn cch thay i chiu di Bc 3: X l thng bo Lnh Offset to cc i tng mi song song theo hng vung gc vi cc i tng chn. C th to i tng song song cho cc i tng line, circle, arc, pline, spline, C hai la chn khi to i tng song song: Cc i tng song song cch cc i tng c chn 1 khong cch Offset distance Cc i tng song song s i qua mt im Through point. X l cc thng bo o Specify offset distance or [Through]: Chn i tng to i tng song song o Specify point on side to offset: Chn i tng to i tng song song o Specify through point: Chn i tng mun to bn i xng.

Chn im u tin xc nh trc i xng o Specify second point of mirror line: Chn im thc hai xc nh trc i xng o Delete source objects?

Nhp Y: Lnh Rotate quay i tng chung quan mt im chun Base point. Chn cc i tng cn quay.


Kt thc chn, nhn Enter o Specify base point: Nhp gc quay. C th xc nh phng gc quay bng la chn Reference Bc 1: Nhp R Chn im u xc nh phng gc quay o Second point: Chn im th hai ca phng ny o New angle: Chn im cui hoc nhp s o gc quay. Khi chn cc i tng thc hin lnh Stretch, dng phng php chn Crossing polygon, nhng i tng no giao vi ca s chn s c ko dn, nhng i tng no nm trong ca s s c di i. Gm cc bc:. Chn i tng cn stretch theo phng thc crossing polygon o Select objects: Nhn Enter kt thc chn o Specify base point or displacement: Gio trnh AutoCad Phng php chn Crossing polygon: Sau dng mouse chn i tng, kt thc chn nhn Enter.

Tt c nhng i tng nm trong vng chn Crossing polygon th c di chuyn, cn cc i tng giao vi vng chn th cc i tng s c ko gin. Lnh Fillet dng ni hai i tng bng mt cung trn. Nhp bn knh ca cung trn dng ni hai i tng. Chn i tng th nht o Select second object: Chn i tng th hai.

excel 2003 toan tap pdf download

Cc la chn khc: X l cc thng bo nh sau: Nhp P o Select 2D polyline: Trim l la chn mc nh, ngha l sau khi ni cc i tng th t ng xn cc phn d tha ti ch ni. No Trim khng xa ch d tha. Cho php chn fillet nhiu i tng. Lnh Chamfer dng vt gc ti ch giao ca hai ng thng hoc cc nh ca i tng.

C hai cch xc nh ng vt gc. C th xc nh trc cc gi tr cn thit cho c hai cch. Sau mi ln v ng vt gc, s dng la chn Method chn cch vt gc. Cch 1: Theo khong cch t im giao n im vt gc trn mi i tng Distance. Nhp khong cch trn i tng th hai. Cch 2: Scale Command: Select objects: Enter first point: Stretch Command: Undo Command: Redo III.

Fillet Command: Select second object: Chamfer Command: Enable Grips: Block name to insert: Numbers of segment: Segment length: Enter angle of xline 0 or [Reference]: Sketch Record increament: Record increament: Pen down: Included angle: Center point: Direction from starting point: Second point: Enter new width for all segments: Next, Previous: Direction of tangent: Enter starting width: Arc, Circle, Ellipse Add control point: TEXT 1.

Khi Textfill: OFF 2.

Start point: T top: Cng c th vo lnh t thc n mn hnh bn phi Vo lnh t nhng thanh cng c. Nhng thanh cng c ny c thit k theo nhm lnh.

Mi k hiu thc hin mt lnh. Cc cch vo lnh u c gi tr ngang nhau. Tu theo thi quen v tin nghi ca mi ngi s dng m p dng. Thng th ta kt hp gia g lnh vo bn phm v dng thanh cng c hay thc n s xung. Chc nng mt s phm c bit -F1: Tr gip Help -F2: Chuyn t mn hnh ho sang mn hnh vn bn v ngc li. Sau khi ghi kch thc khng c k hiu , nhp k hiu ny ta s dng lnh Dimedit, la chn New.

La chn Mtext v Angle ca lnh Dimaligned tng t lnh Dimlinear. Khi ghi chui kch thc song song bng lnh Dimbaseline kch thc s ghi kch thc thng, gc, to c cng ng ging th nht vi kch thc va ghi trc hoc kch thc sn c trn bn v gi l ng chun kch thc hoc chun thit k. Kch thc cng chun vi kch thc va ghi: Nu ta ghi chui kch thc song song vi kch thc va ghi kch thc P1P2 th tin hnh nh sau: DBA Hoc Dimbaseline. Chn ng chun kch thc: Nu mun chui kch thc song song vi mt kch thc c khng phi l kch thc va ghi th ti dng nhc u tin ta nhp ENTER.

Khi , dng nhc sau y s xut hin: Select base dimension: S dng lnh Dimcontinue ghi chui kch thc ni tip. Ni tip kch thc va ghi: Ni tip vi kch thc bt k: Nu mun ghi kch thc ni tip vi mt kch thc hin c trn bn v khng phi l kch thc va ghi ti dng nhc u tin, ta nhp S hoc ENTER.

Khi dng nhc sau s xut hin: Select continued dimension: Chn ng ging ca kch thc ghi lm ng ging th nht Cc dng nhc tip theo xut hin nh phn trn. Ghi chui kch thc gc ni tip Ta thc hin nh sau: Chn nh gc, v d tm vng trn ln - Specify first angle endpoint: Xc nh im cui cnh th nht - Specify second angle endpoint: Chn v tr ng cung kch thc Command: DCO Hoc Dimcontinue Cc lnh ghi kch thc hng tm ghi kch thc ng knh ng trn circle hoc cung trn arc c gc tm ln hn dng lnh Dimdiameter, ghi kch thc bn knh cung trn c gc tm nh hn ta s dng lnh Dimradius.

Lnh Dimdiameter dng ghi kch thc ng knh. Khi ghi kch thc l hoc ng trn c ng knh nh th mi tn v ch s kch thc nm ngoi ng trn. Lnh Dimradius dng ghi kch thc bn knh. DRA Hoc Dimradius Chn cung trn ti 1 im bt k. Khi ghi kch thc cung trn c bn knh nh th mi tn v ch s kch thc nm ngoi ng trn. Lnh Dimcenter v du tm Center mark v ng tm Center line ca ng trn hoc cung trn.

Chn cung hoc ng trn. Sau khi v ng tm ta phi thay i lp cho cc i tng va v sang lp ng tm th dng ng tm mi xut hin.


Cc lnh ghi kch thc khc a. Lnh Dimangular dng ghi kch thc gc. Chn on thng th nht P1P2 Select second line: Ghi kch thc gc qua 3 im Ghi kch thc gc qua 3 im P1, P2 v P3. Angle Vertex: Chn im nh ca gc First angle endpoint: Xc nh im cui cnh th nht Second angle endpoint: Xc nh im cui cnh th hai Specify dimension arc line location or Chn v tr ng kch thc Lnh Leader ghi kch thc theo ng dn Lnh Leader ghi ch thch cho ng dn, nh s v tr trong bn v lp Leader l mt i tng bao gm u mi tn gn vi cc phn on l ng thng hoc ng spline.

Ngoi ra, c mt on thng nh ngang nm di dng ch m t. Leader Specify leader start point: Enter next line of annotation text: Lc ny xut hin hp thoi Edit Mtext cho php ta nhp ch s kch thc vo. Ti dng nhc Specify leader start point ta s dng phng thc bt im NEArest.

Cc la chn Format La chn ny xut hin dng nhc: La chn ny cho php nhp dng ch s kch thc hoc dng ch vo. Lm xut hin hp thoi Text Formatting cho php ta nhp vn bn vo. Cho php ghi dung sai hnh dng v v tr bng hp thoi Geometric Tolerance tham kho thm lnh Tolerance Copy Sao chp mt i tng l dng ch nhp bng lnh Text, Dtext hoc Mtext vo u ng dn.

Dng ch ny s lin kt vi kch thc ghi. Khi nhp C s xut hin: Select an object to copy: Chn dng ch cn sao chp. Chn mt block vo u ng dn. Khi nhp B: Enter block name or [? Khng c ch thch ti u ng dn. Hu b mt nh va chn trong lnh Leader.

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