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    Updated August with the latest NABRE text corrections from the USCCB. This kindle version of the New American Bible Revised Edition has been reviewed and approved by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). (However, I wish all Bibles would have chapter/verse. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. The New American Bible revised edition is more than a mere Bible translation. Authorizedby the Confraternity of. The New American Bible revised edition is more than a mere Bible translation. Authorizedby the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine and approved by the United.. .

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    New American Bible Ebook

    Archbishop O'Hara's initiative resulted in the formation of the Catholic Biblical Association, whose principal activity in its early years was this work of revision and. Saint Benedict Press is a proud publisher of the New American Bible Revised Edition (NABRE), the first major update to the New American Bible (NAB) text in. The first major update to the New American Bible (NAB) text in twenty years, the New American Bible Revised Edition (NABRE) reflects the work of nearly

    Shelves: reviewed , favorites , religion , nonfiction , owned How can I really even review this? It's the freaking Word of God! I am a Catholic and proud of it, so I cherish this book. I don't read it as much as I should, I will admit, but there is so much the Bible offers us. It offers courage and hope, gives us rules as to how to live our lives right. Most of all, it offers us God. There are some great stories in here as well. I particularly like the women of the Bible: Ruth, Esther, Mary, etc. Esther has to be my favorite. She had courage, possibly mor How can I really even review this? She had courage, possibly more courage than any women has ever had since. She risked her life for her people and showed that God could work through even a woman. Women were still second-class citizens at the time, and yet God chose to work through them so much. Who said the Bible is all about men? It's the 1 selling book in the world for a reason.

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    New American Standard Bible - NASB

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    Three Crosses Tie. Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul. Twelve Extraordinary Women: New American Bible: Revised Edition - eBook. Add To Cart 0. NAB Revised Edition-imitation leather, burgundy.

    Holy Bible: Catholic Bible Dictionary - eBook. Joseph Personal Size Edition. Features A 3-year liturgical cycle of Sunday readings A 2-year liturgical cycle of daily Mass readings A listing of Popes, and favorite Catholic prayers Extensive notes, commentary, and cross-references Gold page edges Beautiful Old Masters art Four full-color maps Presentation and family record pages Ribbon marker Premium UltraSoft cover, black Elegant, readable 8-point text size 8.

    But citations in the New Testament frequently follow the Septuagint or some other version, or were made from memory, hence, in many cases the translation in the New Testament passage will not agree with what appears in the Old Testament.


    Some of these cases are explained in the notes. Other source details, such as Codex Sinaiticus , are as described below: "Where the Old Testament translation supposes the received text —Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek, as the case may be—ordinarily contained in the best-known editions, as the original or the oldest extant form, no additional remarks are necessary.

    Where the translators have departed from those received texts, e. Additional information on the textual tradition for some books may be found in the introduction to the book in the same Textual Notes.

    Fragments of the lost Book of Tobit in Aramaic and in Hebrew, recovered from Cave 4 of Qumran, are in substantial agreement with the Sinaiticus Greek recension used for the translation of this book.

    The lost original Hebrew text of 1 Maccabees is replaced by its oldest extant form in Greek. Judith , 2 Maccabees , and parts of Esther are also translated from the Greek. The translation of The Wisdom of Ben Sira is based on the original Hebrew as far as it is preserved, with corrections from the ancient versions; otherwise, the Greek of the Septuagint is followed. In the Book of Baruch the basic text is the Greek of the Septuagint, with some readings derived from an underlying Hebrew form no longer extant.

    In the deuterocanonical sections of Daniel —90; — , the basic text is the Greek text of so-called Theodotion , occasionally revised according to the Greek text of the Septuagint. Takes advantage of recently discovered ancient manuscripts like the Dead Sea Scrolls which provide better access to the historical textual tradition.

    Uses the best manuscript-translating traditions available in order to translate more literally and accurately than previous translations. The press statement claims that the New American Bible Revised Edition will in many ways be a more literal translation than the original New American Bible.

    The Psalms , in particular, received special attention to provide a smooth, rhythmic translation which both retains the concrete imagery of the original Hebrew and also provides for easy singing or recitation. The editorial board for the majority of the Old Testament consisted of 8 editors and 40 translators. In , the Old Testament excluding the Psalms was completed and sent to the Subcommittee for the Translation of Scripture Text previously, the Ad Hoc Committee for the Review of Scripture Translations to see if it was a suitable Catholic translation.

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